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Business Coaching: What Does It Feel Like To Be Coached?

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What does it feel like to be coached by me - business coaching female business coach

I often get asked by prospective clients "What does it feel like to have a business coach?" and so I thought I would capture my thoughts here for you;


Before You Begin, Make Sure Your Coach Has The Expertise

When it comes to finding the perfect female business coach and having a great coaching experience, of course you need someone highly skilled with deep business expertise. Your choice of coach must be someone credible, someone who is capable of showing you the true power of business advisors and what they can bring to your business success.

Attributes like practical skills and high levels of communication, such as superb listening skills, are important. You also want to find a business coach who can easily help you navigate the ups and downs as you achieve your business goals and grow your business.

They should be a natural champion of you and your business, I also personally feel it's important that they share your values and genuinely understand the mission behind your business.  We want your business coach to be supporting you and able to clearly see your future roadmap - the steps you need to take to achieve great things.


So, what does business coaching really feel like?

Imagine what it feels like to have that support and accountability from someone experienced whose insight you can trust.  Can you imagine how this would help your personal confidence to grow and make bold decisions in your business?

To truly find out what business coaching feels like you will need to put yourself in the driver’s seat and experience it for yourself. There will be a moment where you simply need to have the courage to invest in yourself, take that leap of faith and go for it.

Most professional business coaches will offer you a free call with them, so you can meet them under no-obligation, where you can share your worries and concerns about your business and get a feel for whether you would be a great fit in working together. 

I do this with my clients via a free zoom video call, where we can spend some time together, getting to know each other before you decide if a business coaching program is right for you.  It's the perfect way for you to experience business coaching and my own style as your coach and biggest cheerleader! 

My clients tell me that business coaching feels like having the following support when they work with me: 



I genuinely get where you are coming from because I've been there and done it. Growing a business isn’t easy and you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it is. My own journey in growing my global ecommerce business certainly wasn't smooth sailing! Having a coach who understands it’s hard and having that support system to empathise with where you are right now on your journey, is paramount.

So, when you work with a coach like me, you get exactly that. When you hit those hurdles, with an experienced advisor by your side to work through these issues with you, the likelihood is that you’re able to deal with challenges more quickly, with less cost and less pain and get on with moving forward.

It's my job to listen and provide you with the support you need during the session so that you are ready to tackle any problems and decisions that arise in your business.



You don’t just want easy tips or tricks; you need deep experience engrained into your journey to help drive forward growth and so that YOU learn how to run your business - not have someone else do it for you. 

Business Coaching is a fantastic way to get this. I won’t just teach you everything that worked for me and my many clients. I’ll highlight the obstacles you’ll likely to face in the future, show you what doesn’t work, show you what will work and ensure you are equipped with the tools you need to overcome challenges.

It’s this kind of insight and experience that can only be gained from having lived through a business growth journey - you can't learn this in a book.  You have to have gone through it.  That is the insight I want to share with my clients because I KNOW it will take you and your business further.

With me, you’ll never have to go forward in doubt because you’ll know exactly what’s on your business growth roadmap and how to approach it.



Starting and growing your own business is a huge achievement and an even bigger journey.  It comes with lots of decisions along the way that you’ll have to make and feel confident with.

Having a female business coach supporting you is a great way to face these decisions feeling better than ever. Why? Because it’s my aim to help you believe in yourself and the business you are building - what you have to offer and the places your business can go.

With my support, it’s not just about the practical growth, it’s about helping your mental fortitude flourish too. You deserve to feel good about what you do and believe that you have the power to make anything happen.


Fresh Ideas and Opportunities

Having a business advisor by your side who has been there and done it is more valuable than you might think. They’ve not just got the experience and knowledge, they’ve also got the hard earned skills (yes I even taught myself to code!) ....but most importantly, they have the CEO mindset.

For me, it’s my job to help you brainstorm the strategic options for your business.  To help you evaluate what’s possible for your business and ask the important strategic business and funding questions that get you thinking.

It's about getting you thinking like a CEO. Making decisions like a CEO. Leading your business and your staff with passion and bucket loads of inspirational energy thrown in. 

With my help through business coaching sessions, together we can embrace fresh, innovative ideas for your business and search for ever-expanding market opportunities that we can bring to life.


90 Day Sprint Plans

If you have followed me for any length of time, you will know that I run my life and my clients on 90 Day Sprint Plans!   Our business coaching sessions will be no exception as we need to keep you on track and make sure you follow through on your promises.

Our 90 Day Sprint Plans are 100% personalised to your own unique business growth journey and feature the practical steps you must take over the next 3 months to move you forward.  

Before clients work with me I see them worrying if they are prioritising the right things, or working on the right things.  And it is incredibly difficult for them to find time to work ON their business, not IN their business.

It can be even harder if, as a woman, you are also juggling child care or caring for others too. You can very quickly put everyone else first, your children and you staff and business responsibilities and that leaves very little left in the tank for you. 

I understand how frustrated and stuck you might feel right now, getting nowhere and becoming more and more overwhelmed with your product based business as it grows.

There’s nothing more refreshing than having a dedicated time in the diary especially for you, and only you, to help you personally set these priorities so that you can navigate through both the tough days AND the bright ones too.


Make It Happen In Your Business

It is vital that you invest in creating a bubble of time that's just for you, to cultivate your ambition - your sense of achievement in this life.  Your business growth goals.  That’s why I wanted to show you just how impactful having a female business coach can be and what it truly feels like. 

Together we can work through that balancing act between business and everything else you are juggling and decide what business growth looks like for YOU, at your pace, with your resources, exactly where you are today. 


Next Steps

  • If you’re looking to get your business growth plans back on track and feel you would benefit from working with a business coach, schedule in a FREE roadmap call with me and let's see if we are a great fit and how I can help you. 
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