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And I see you.

Dreaming big and working hard to make it happen.

You started your brand to change lives, you self funded your dream, developed beautiful products and here you are ... but sales just aren't converting.

By now you’ve probably tried expensive ads and got no results, given away a tonne of product to influencers and sales still haven’t flowed in, social media is crushing your soul, traffic is proving a challenge and that huge pile of inventory you invested in has tied up all your cash.

You feel frustrated and stuck.

Truth be told, it’s all a bit overwhelming right now... and it's certainly not clear what needs to happen to get the results you really want …

… and yes, you're starting to wonder whether it’s time to go back to your “proper job”…

I totally get it. I really do....

The good news? It is all fixable.

Together, through a series of structured ecommerce coaching and consulting sessions, we need to get that product moving, unlock sales conversions and we need to solve this NOW before we scale up for global retail success…

Emma - Ecommerce and Retail Growth Expert

"My mission is to lead and show the way - so that others can learn the step by step strategies and methods that truly work to grow their global retail business."


Ecommerce Expert Global Retail Growth Programme


I’m Emma.

I scaled my own ecommerce business from kitchen table to retailing online to 170 countries worldwide.

I then sold my business achieving the exit I had always hoped for... now I spend my time helping product business owners unlock potential in their ecommerce store, by fixing slow moving stock (inventory), creating structured sales plans and accelerating their retail growth globally.

Just like you, I dreamed of living the successful Internet Entrepreneur lifestyle, running a business from my laptop, with no limit on the amount of money I could make.

But, honestly, it was a struggle until I finally discovered the levers and pulleys in my ecommerce business – the business drivers, that really made it work.

Ecommerce Course For Product Bosses


Ecommerce Business Growth Advice Retail Growth

Learning the hard way...

Leaving my big corporate career to start my own ecommerce business proved to be a massive journey for me personally.

I had to unlearn many of the skills I thought so essential as an employee and “get scrappy” in the real world of trading product for sale.

And when I started over 10 years ago, there just wasn't any information out there about how to sell my products globally and how to really grab the attention of online shoppers.

"Initially I grew my business way too slow …and then I grew my business way too fast! "

I struggled in a pit of despair when I bought the wrong stock and had no traffic, wasting thousands on SEO, giving away product to influencers and ad campaigns - and not getting results. I’ve jumped for joy hugging our awards, our team and our products and feeling everything in between most days on the way there.

Whatever you are feeling right now, I 100% get it!

 Having spent much of my own money making every mistake in the book, I finally found the formula that really worked...

I discovered the 5% of activities which drove the 95% of results in my ecommerce business...


With laser-like focus I began to scale up my retail business globally. I learned:
    • How to fix slow moving stock and increase conversions so that cash flowed back into my business, fast.
    • How to rapidly grow my email list from tiny mouse to power house and use it to get sales consistently.
    • How to wholesale and price properly, winning time with important retail buyers and creating a network of international distributors.
    • How to create a structured sales plan and drive meaningful traffic to accelerate online growth, without burning out. 

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know two key things. I deeply understand where you’re at and what you’re going through. I can show you exactly what it takes to get your business moving.

Retail Business Growth Expert - Grow My Online Busines


Each and every day myself and my team help other brand owners, just like you, transform their global retail businesses and ecommerce operations.

. . .

We show you step by step what to do to make your product based business profitable and deeply successful online.

More About Emma.

  • I fast tracked my corporate career from graduate to finance director within the world of Aerospace & Defence (think fighter jets, tanks and submarines...), delivering as a qualified Accountant, winning CIMA Young Business Manager of the Year, completing my MBA and becoming one of the industry’s youngest finance leaders.
  • I went on to join Deloitte (a “Big 4” Accounting Firm), as Director leading their CFO advisory practice, specialising in fixing broken businesses and managing teams across New York, Japan, Kuwait and London.
  • As a senior business leader and role model for women in finance I was nominated as “One to Watch” in the prestigious Accountancy Ages 35 under 35 List. I'm also a winner of the Natwest Women In Digital Enterprise Award and known as a top UK female business coach.
  • I built, scaled and sold my own online business from kitchen table to retailing to 170 countries worldwide.  Unlike many of the so called “guru’s”, I know what it really takes both operationally and emotionally to scale up and fix an ecommerce business because I’ve been there and done it. 

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for teaching Founders to scale up one step at a time, focused on practical action and profit.

Emma Blake - Ecommerce Expert Global Retail Growth
Ecommerce and International Retail Growth Advisor

I can help you because I understand the journey.

  • I have a genuine depth of global business experience with a credible professional advisory background, working at Board Level as a qualified accountant  and MBA.

  • I have helped hundreds of clients just like you and won’t stop until I’ve helped thousands more…from high profile brand names to hungry start ups. I have even advised No. 10 Downing Street on International Trade and Ecommerce.
  • I am an enthusiastic motivator, a fair judge on performance and a truly honest advisor. I will tell you exactly like it is - it won’t always be what you want to hear but it will be the step by step strategies and methods that truly work to grow your global retail business.


I have already grown companies like yours -

1. As a CEO of a product business you can work with Emma directly via 1-2-1 mentoring and ecommerce business coaching where Emma helps you diagnose the issues and achieve your strategic goals. PRIVATE COACHING IS CURRENTLY FULL. APPLICATIONS CLOSED.

2. You can apply for a Strategic Intensive session with Emma or to the signature 12 week programme – The Global Retail Accelerator designed for emerging brands and product based businesses owners who have been trading for a minimum of 1 year +.

3. If you would like to learn for free, then download the guides in the Resources area, discover recommended tools and practical ways to grow your online business.

4. If you would like us to build up your in-house ecommerce and retail sales capability with private mentoring to existing staff, simple get in touch via our contact us page.

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