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As an eCommerce business owner, your number one question in life is "how do I get more online sales?"

When we scaled our own eCommerce business from kitchen table to 170 countries worldwide, THIS question was all we could think, eat, sleep and breathe about! 

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ANSWER: Winning Google PPC Adverts

Pay for each click, focus on Profitability to scale.


Why Pay Per Click Ads?

A fast way to bring fresh traffic to your eCommerce store and create early momentum for your business.

eCommerce PPC Agency | Google PPC Services

One of the most effective ways we know to grow your sales fast, is to invest in PPC for eCommerce.

Specifically ad campaigns which have been designed and structured just for eCommerce businesses... 

An eCommerce PPC agency can help you create ads that target your ideal customer and get them to click through to your eCommerce store. By doing this, you can increase the volume of online footfall to your shop (more eyeballs!) and increase sales you generate.

Not all PPC Ad agencies understand the PPC Ad types that work for eCommerce. That's why you need an eCommerce PPC specialist, someone who understands how to sell product and the specific steps needed to scale an eCommerce business.

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Freya Rose

"Emma has not only managed our PPC accounts but has educated us to fully understand the process and investment that has given us the confidence to grow our eCommerce business through these channels.

I could not recommend Emma enough!" 

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Tiggy B

"Emma has a way of calming the often-present storm that swirls in the mind of a CEO. Her methodical, no-nonsense approach is always reinforced by data, ensuring that we hear what we need to hear (even if we do not want to)!

She has a lovely sense of humour and her knowledge of all things Ecommerce, Shopify, AdWords, Website SEO etc is second-to-none.

Online sales swiftly moved from a bit of a muddle to a positive ROAS and a position where they are ready to soar! I am incredibly glad to have found her and now see Navigate The Noise as an integral part of my team as we surge ahead!" 

We can help you with...

Google Shopping

We set up and manage your Google shopping Ads. 

This includes the integration of Google Merchant Centre with your Shopify / WooCommerce store and Google Ads platform.

Once the integration and account set up is complete and the feed is working, we will structure a series of shopping campaigns to launch your products worldwide.

We then monitor these campaigns daily with the aim of achieving fresh sales and a profitable Return on Investment.

Search (Text) & Display Ads

We deliver a series of effective PPC Search & Display Ads... 

One of the major benefits of using PPC ads to grow your eCommerce business is that it allows you to specifically target customers who are already interested in what you sell in your eCommerce store.

For example, if you sell wedding shoes, you can use PPC to target users who have searched for terms like “wedding shoes” or “bridal shoes” on Google.

Our aim is to help you dominate the market on the search keywords you most want your business to succeed in. 

Why Choose Us As Your eCommerce PPC Agency?

Unlike most agencies, we've actually spent our own, hard-earned money on Google PPC Ads and successfully scaled our OWN eCommerce business globally.  We actually know what works, how to get scrappy trading, and how to manage your precious cash! 

  • Practical approach in everything we do.

  • Genuinely care about your brand.

  • Thinking like a founder - KPI driven and ROI focused.

  • Cashflow savvy.

  • Building strong foundations and regaining control for you, once and for all.

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What does an eCommerce PPC Agency do?

As a specialist eCommerce PPC agency, we manage your pay-per-click campaigns and work to increase your eCommerce sales. We do this by conducting keyword research relevant to selling your products and your brand, developing compelling ad copy, managing your bids, and tracking your results.

We believe regular communication and robust discussion on how your money is being spent on Ads, to deliver sales is vital.  We provide reporting and analysis to show you how your campaigns are performing and we make recommendations for continuous improvements. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your PPC budget and grow your business.


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KPI driven and ROI Focused.

Success with Google PPC Ads involves our joint, tenacious, commitment to finding the “winning ad” and embracing a scientific Testing Approach. 

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Are you ready to work on the RIGHT things that actually get you results in your business?

I know you are.


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What Our Clients Say...

We've run our ecommerce store for just over 2 years now but it just wasn't getting the sales or traffic we had hoped for. With Emma's help we have developed our ecommerce strategy, with a clear way forward on how to grow our business. The all-in-one eCommerce support service is game-changing for us. Thank you Emma!

Amanda. R

Luxury Fashion Business

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