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Imagine your eCommerce business finally working for you, making money.

Sounds good right?

Get a monthly eCommerce Growth Package, with services tailored specifically to you. 

We accelerate your eCommerce business growth through a core package of:
  • Shopify Platform Optimisation -¬†we handle it all from content updates to design.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads - experts in Google Shopping + Merchant Centre
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)¬†and organic traffic acquisition
  • All offered alongside structured eCommerce coaching sessions.¬†¬†
  • With further "Bolt On" services available including¬†Email Marketing, Meta Ads,¬† eCommerce¬†Marketplace Integrations and Listings¬†plus Affiliate Management.
Here's how we typically start scaling your business:


Strategy Workshop

Phase 1 Diagnose The Issues

We start with a FREE healthcheck audit on your eCommerce business to uncover your growth challenges. Once your monthly package is agreed we'll create your growth roadmap and get to work solving the weaknesses in your online and retail trading, once and for all. 

Strategy Workshop

Phase 2 Conversion Design

Do you have landing pages that convert for all your products, services and locations?  If not, we'll create them, test to see what works, rebuild pages, user experience flows and we'll look at site speed optimisation. When visitors do land, we want them converting!

Strategy Workshop

Phase 3 Media Buying 

With effective landing pages in place, next we pull the traffic handle! Our Google PPC and Facebook Ads specialists will create your unique plan for scaling via paid for Ads. We set up and manage your Ad campaigns to bring in more eyeballs, optimise your Amazon Ads, Pinterest Ads and Etsy Marketplace Ads too.  

Strategy Workshop

Phase 4 Organic Traffic Acquisition

In this phase we'll focus on results from your longer term investment into your SEO and Link Building Strategy. We provide Content Growth packages.  The aim is to scale up organic, free traffic flowing to your website, month by month. If you prefer to DIY, we can even give you a shopping list of content you need to create.

Strategy Workshop

Phase 5 Marketplace Expansion

Accessing new online marketplaces and optimising your listings on each of these sites is our sweetspot. Whether its Amazon, Ebay or Etsy trading, subscription and gifting sites, International big box retailer marketplaces like or wholesale platforms like  We have deep experience trading across all global marketplaces. 

Strategy Workshop

Phase 6 Email Marketing + Buyer Psychology

We'll gather insights that will transform how and where you sell. We'll work with you to identify new approaches to Email Marketing, automated flows and international distribution opportunities for your brand. Using diagnostic tools, we'll get underneath your true Customer Lifetime Value, what makes your visitors buy and why. 

Strategy Workshop

Phase 7 Partners & Affiliate Programs

The key to unlocking growth is creating partnerships and onboarding enthusiastic affiliates!  We help you design and implement your affiliate program and plan for strategic partnerships that will step change your business success.

Strategy Workshop

Phase 8 Exit Ready

Most of the successful eCommerce entrepreneurs we meet are building for a financially enticing Exit, rather than a long term legacy business. To achieve that you have to design your exit strategy into what you are doing TODAY!  Is your business exit ready? We'll check.

Ready to get some help with your eCommerce growth journey?

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“Emma = infectious energy, laser focus, ambition for fast results, scalable business growth and commercial success. 

As an early-stage Founder, I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes as I realise I have been spending precious time fire-fighting the wrong business issues, rather than boosting sales by giving customers what they really want, using methods and tactics that truly work!

Working with Emma and her team has catapulted our company into a completely different momentum.

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Our monthly eCommerce Growth packages

start from £2500 per month

and scale according to complexity of your business and the services required. 

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Strategy Workshop

3 Year Growth Roadmap 

Together via a virtual Strategy Workshop session, we develop a clear direction for your business, creating a 3 year growth plan and prioritised actions for the next 90 days. 

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Strategy Workshop

eCommerce Business Coaching

Our business coaching programs hold you accountable to your growth goals. We review performance KPIs and keep you on track. 

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Are you ready to work on the RIGHT things that actually get you results in your business?

We know you are.


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What Our Clients Say...

We've run our ecommerce store for just over 2 years now but it just wasn't getting the sales or traffic we had hoped for. With Emma's help we have developed our ecommerce strategy, with a clear way forward on how to grow our business.  The all-in-one eCommerce support service is game-changing for us. Thank you Emma!

Amanda. R

Luxury Fashion Business

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Before we worked with Emma, I honestly think we were just muddling along. Now I have a clear plan for growth and no longer feel overwhelmed by it all. Emma and her team help keep me on track and brings bucket loads of expert content to each coaching session, leaving me inspired and powered into action.

Lisa M.

Nutritional Products & Health Business

Working with Emma and her team to quickly diagnose where my website needs to improve has opened my eyes to what is possible. I had no idea how much money I was leaving on the table by not doing some really basic things like list building! Now I have a clear action plan and I've made changes that have got me 87% more leads and 228% more traffic. Exactly what I wanted.

Chris. G

Director - Video Production Services Company


  • Deep, practical experience - Ultimately, with a depth of global business experience and with Emma having built, scaled and sold her own online business from kitchen table to retailing to 170 countries worldwide, we know what it really takes to grow a global retail business. 
  • We get results using our proven Global Retail Accelerator MethodTM   - Whether you want more online sales, more website traffic or a clearer strategic direction, we are here to support you in making better decisions in your business. Decisions that deliver better results.
  • Honest advisor who will tell you how it is - We believe that helping your business grow to the next level requires great consultants with a genuine passion to help you succeed. With that comes a large dose of tough love, a drive for accountability and of course being your biggest cheerleader and mentor behind the scenes.
  • We have worked with businesses just like yours - We have worked with hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries - from oil and gas to music, from fashion to mobility scooters and even raw dog food and keto diets.  Whatever you sell online, chances are we already have experience with something very similar.
  • We work in any country - our services are all about online trading and global success so we have no borders! We offer virtual strategy workshops and regular virtual business coaching sessions, so via the power of video calling, we can connect and help your business grow.  All of our calls are in English Language. So far we have helped clients in the following countries:  USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, China and UAE. 
  • We guarantee our work - you must feel that your experience with our team is a good fit and supports your growth ambitions, otherwise we will give you a full refund.  
  • We are a recognised authority in our field - Emma is regularly asked to speak at conferences and events about growing online businesses, eCommerce trading and digital entrepreneurship.
  • Emma is an entrepreneur herself - We are very commercial in everything we do - we think practically, we understand cost constraints and we know how to get stuff done.  


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