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How To Smash Ecommerce Sales On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Ecommerce Business Coach How To Smash Ecommerce Sales On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The end of November signals an anticipated time of the Christmas shopping period; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is now that ecommerce businesses need to start preparing their strategy for this peak trading time.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gained traction and popularity in recent years, with consumers rushing to find and buy bargains before the festive period. How can you smash sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in your ecommerce business ?


What Ecommerce Business Owners Should Be Doing To Prepare

Make sure you are using this time wisely, by getting the right marketing strategies in place.

  • If you are after sales and brand awareness, perhaps look into using social influencers around this time.
  • The newest trend is using nano-influencers; these are social media influencers with smaller followers, but whom can still reach a few thousand people. This is a great way to reach new potential customers, gain trust and a positive reputation.
  • Go and look at social media and what your target audience is getting excited about. Usually consumers will hint at what they are looking forward to being on discount. Use this research when it comes to your marketing strategy. Equally, take inspiration from the big companies.
  • Stand out on social media to lure shoppers to your website with fun and engaging content and don't forget the power of competitions.
  • Use strategic SEO keywords on your website. Popular keywords from last year include; Black Friday, Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday deals. Check that your website has these in all the right places.
  • You could even create a blog post in the weeks leading up which can double up as a gift guide for the holiday season.


What Offers Could You Promote?

You need to ensure that there is still profitability on those offers. Take a look at your profit margins and your product overheads. Don’t put something in the sale, which would then end up losing you money.

You can switch up your offers, for example- you could have 50% off on Black Friday, buy one get one free on Saturday, 10% off on Sunday and finishing with £10 off every £40 spent on Cyber Monday.

There are no rules for this weekend, you can set whichever discounts you wish to on whichever days. You could even have a different deal each hour on Black Friday! Just make sure you advertise it properly.


How To Use Sponsored Posts And Ads

Using sponsored posts and ads during peak time on platforms like Amazon and on social media would be an excellent way of reaching potential customers and creating leads.

During this weekend, advertisers will be spending more money on adverts as the amount of people reached will increase. This is due to the online trend of Black Friday and social media users purposefully sifting through their social media feeds to find the best deals out there.

Make sure you mention Black Friday deals in your adverts and in your #hashtags and always use your best offer to promote. By using the combination of a Black Friday sale and an increase in adverts on this weekend, you will attract new leads.


Ensure the Right Scale of Logistics Are In Place To Deal With Volumes

The Black Friday event tends to span a whole weekend, ending with Cyber Monday. During these few days, both online stores and shops will have an increase in visitors. You need to ensure that logistics are in place to deal with volumes of customers.

Bricks and mortar stores need to put in place queuing systems for busy periods and ensure that extra staff are in store to handle the busy period.

Ecommerce websites also need to make sure that their websites can handle the increased traffic. Test your website before the big weekend and see if there are any weaknesses that you can work on beforehand.

On Black Friday weekend, people will be using their phones and tablets on the go to be ordering the best deals they can find. Make sure that your site has mobile optimisation.


Prepare A Customer Complaints/ Service Strategy

Have a process in place to handle customer complaints and a service strategy for peak times. Treat every customer as a VIP and don’t forget to thank them for their custom.

Great service is what separates a good company from an amazing company. By treating your customers as special, being personal with them and thanking them, you are able to connect on a more human level.

  • When dealing with complaints, ensure that they are dealt with promptly and politely.
  • If you haven’t got one in place, create a customer service strategy and plan and having a training session beforehand to make sure all staff are up to date with it.
  • Make sure all complaints and customer queries are dealt with the same way.


You Can Plan And Prepare, But Don’t Panic

You can plan and prepare as much as possible and put the above procedures and methods into place, however, things can still go wrong!

The best thing is to not panic or stress about the weekend. See it as an opportunity for your business to make some great sales, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Make It Happen In Your Business

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all peak trading events are a time to embrace what you love to do and perform at your best. Motivate your teams, proudly promote how you serve your customers and give it your very best shot.  You simply cannot avoid every thing that could go wrong. You cannot predict the future. But if you plan and prepare as much as possible, you should be feeling confident and ready to embrace Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Next Steps:

  • Preparation and organisation is key.  If you have notes from last year - look at what went well, what you could do better this time and consider carefully how you can up your game.  If it is your first peak trading period, make sure you start making notes of everything you do to prepare so you can replicate it next time. You won't remember one year on what you did today. Write it down!
  • Briefing all staff so they are aware of what's coming, likely challenges and how you want customers to be dealt with is essential.  
  • Carefully craft your most exciting offers and proudly promote them throughout.  Don't be reckless with profitability, instead seek simply to deliver fantastic value for your customers at a price you can live with. 
  • Remember it's not just about the day itself.  Many ecommerce businesses are using the whole week as a run up.  Last year Amazon started it's Black Friday deals early on a range of core categories to capture the early bird shoppers - learn from the best, you can take advantage of this too.