Avoid The Perfectionist Pitfall - Why Good Enough Is Glorious

Who of us strives for complete perfection with every aspect of our work? 

Yes, I see those hands up! 

Do you secretly know polishing your work until it shines immaculately, is 100% perfect - is not a productive way to spend your time, but yet you do it anyway? 

I think most of us know deep down it is far better to aim for PROGRESS, not perfection. We all want to move our business forward - so why don't we embrace it and just stop "polishing"?  When is good enough, good enough?


What is it like to be a perfectionist?

According to Personal Excellence ‘perfectionists’ seek to achieve a perfect element in everything they do. They refuse to accept anything less than this level, no matter what the toll this takes on their health or business.

Perfectionists will set the barrier extremely high in terms of the standards of performance that should be achieved for work and projects.

Sound familiar?

You are often very...

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Productivity Hacks: Why Batching Content Works

Boosting productivity is an essential goal for many ecommerce businesses and online entrepreneurs. Many of us know that by keeping it simple and focusing all our efforts on one thing at a time, we will streamline our outputs and achieve great results. 

But how many of us actually do this?  In reality, probably not many of us!

However, one of the amazing productivity and business growth hacks we love to use consistently in our business is - creating content in batches.

So why does batching content work?


Multitasking is not always the best thing

Multitasking can be great in other areas of life, like when you sit on a train and read at the same time. However, when it comes to creating content and any form of creative marketing and sales copy, multitasking can be distracting and results in a lot of down time.

 Just think how long it takes you to switch between programmes and internet pages, or get up from your desk and move to the next area in...

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Business Leadership: Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself

There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself than now. As an entrepreneur everything that you do has an impact - both on your team, your customers and the messages your brand shares with the world.

It's time to take your personal development seriously.  There are a lot of benefits to investing in yourself and pushing for a goal, which is what we’re going to explore in this session 

Invest in yourself, and you will create a better life 

There is no doubt that right now, at the start of a new decade, is the perfect time to focus on yourself, clearly define your goals and really go after those aspirations.  It's a golden opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to re-focus on what is important. 

You’ve done so much with your life already, have gathered a range of experiences and learnings that have made you who you are today... and you have the potential to do so much more if you’re prepared...

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Preparing Your Ecommerce Business For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

Your ecommerce business is a critical resource. It also helps to serve as a platform for sharing your values, beliefs and attitudes with your customers. But are you future proofing your online business by preparing for jobs that don’t exist yet? Probably not, to be honest. 

The future arrives faster than you would think and can have a considerable impact on your business... especially a Technology driven business. But what does it all mean for you as a business owner and Entrepreneur?

Technology is driving human progress

Here’s the thing. Technology is driving progress and pushing us faster than we’ve ever gone before. As everyone has access to innovative and influential equipment, our partnership with machines leads to new opportunities.

As an Entrepreneur it means we have to continuously invest to stay ahead of the game.  For teams, it means that you could quickly find yourself with a fresh employment opportunity that simply hasn't...

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