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What Do Strategy Consultants Actually Do?

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What do strategy consultants actually do? strategy workshops and growth planning UK

Designing a business strategy can be hard, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. If you are new to growing your business, then you might not know how to devise a growth plan or that there are plenty of people out there who can help you!

For anybody who isn’t sure, this is where a business strategy consultant comes into their own. They are a trained professional who can provide deep value and expertise to your business. They can help you plan and set a direction for growth.

Let’s take a look at what a strategy consultant actually does, and break down some of the benefits they bring to your business.


What is a Strategy Consultant Role?

So, what role does a strategy consultant fulfil in your business?  Well, they are all about being able to help you solve challenges with business growth.

If you’re struggling to grow your business, you need a business strategy and some fresh ideas for what to do next, that’s usually why you would go and hire a strategy consultant.

These incredible professionals come with buckets full of business experience and can therefore give you the guidance and wisdom that you need to create a workable business strategy.  They can help you start taking positive steps forward in growing your business.


How Can a Strategy Consultant Help You?

There are many ways that a business strategy consultant can help your business.

  • First of all, they bring an independent point of view into your business. If you’re struggling to make a decision, because you’re at a crossroads, they have a unique perspective to share.
  • Knowing what to do when your specific growth journey is hard. There are no guidelines on these kinds of things.  Ask your business strategy consultant and they will be able to point you in the right direction based on what has worked before and what doesn't!
  • A strategy consultant can bring wisdom and clear thinking to your business, giving you the resources and maturity to make the right choices and use your funds in the very best way for maximum return.


How Does a Strategy Consultant Work?

A business strategy consultant can work with you in a couple of different ways depending on your situation and what you need.

A Business Strategy Consultant can work on specific projects which are designed to tackle the challenges of the business. This means they might address a particular situation for you, diagnose a problem or devise a plan to fix a specific strategic "leak" in your business.

Alternatively, business strategy consultants often start working with clients by leading strategy workshops, with the intention of creating maximum momentum in your growth plans and even teaching you how to formulate business growth strategies for yourself in the future.

Or it can often be a relationship which covers a program of both types of activities over time, depending on what you need and when.  They should become your go-to person for the deep, strategic business questions. 



Why a Business Strategy Consultant can help you

A strategy consultant can help you create a clear plan of action for the growth of your business because they have the wisdom and deep business expertise to do so.

Strategy consultants are usually individuals who have worked in high-level positions in a variety of companies.  They've seen it all and usually done it all too.  They will have the war-stories of times when things went wrong and what they did to fix it.  They will be able to share the success routes of what works and what will work for your business too. 

They probably have extensive training and educational qualifications in business development and growth, which means they have the necessary skills and knowledge to advise you.

The practical experience that they bring to the table allows a business that is still young to make the right choices at pivotal moments in their lifespan.  This helps you avoid wasted time and excessive costs. 

Leveraging other peoples knowledge is a very powerful way to accelerate your business growth and get results faster than you would on your own. 


Make It Happen In Your Business

Think of a strategy consultant as being a bit like a mentor.  When you need them most, to help shape you into the leader that you could be, a mentor is there to support and guide you.

A strategy consultant is exactly this - just a mentor for your business.  They will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance to help your business achieve its full potential.

The knowledge and experience that they bring to the table can be invaluable. Asking a business strategy consultant to help you make a key choice in your business journey can mean the difference between failure and growth.


Next Steps:

  • Consider if you would benefit from using a Business Strategy Consultant in your business, working with them perhaps on a Strategy workshop or specific diagnostic project.  With an independent, experienced and fresh perspective on how to grow your business, do you think you would achieve better results than doing it on your own?
  • If you would like my help in creating a 3 year growth plan for your business, some fresh ideas for business growth or advice on how to fix the challenges you are facing right now, please reach out and book a free Roadmap call with me. 
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