The E-Commerce Start Ups That Changed The World Forever

E-Commerce. It dominates our world. Whether it is a virtual shop, a growing online business offering their expertise, or a delivery service summoned via an App - the business models of the future are most definitely digital.

The reality is though that many e-commerce startups today will never radically change our lives. However, every now and again, an online business bursts through, transforming and disrupting everything we thought we knew. Let's take a look:


One of the most influential, controversial and innovative online startups of recent times, Uber works under a simple premise. You use their app or go the website and request a ride from one place to another.  The closest Uber driver swiftly arrives to pick you up and takes you to your location.

It is straightforward, easy to access and increasingly popular. The Uber online business model relies on what's known as the Network Effect - it's a business that needs to attract 2 sides of an equation to work...

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