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Business Coaching: Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself

business coaching
Business Coaching: Why now is the time to invest in yourself

There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself than now. As an entrepreneur everything that you do has an impact - both on your team, your customers and the messages your brand shares with the world.

It's time to take your personal development seriously.  There are a lot of benefits to investing in yourself and pushing for a goal, which is what we’re going to explore in this post 


Invest in yourself, and you will create a better life 

There is no doubt that right now, it's the perfect time to focus on yourself, clearly define your goals and really go after those aspirations.  It's a golden opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to re-focus on what is important. 

You’ve done so much with your life already, have gathered a range of experiences and learnings that have made you who you are today... and you have the potential to do so much more if you’re prepared to invest in yourself.

By continuing to learn and grow, you can create and move towards an even better life - remember that you’re brilliant and you can achieve anything you want with determination and a growth mindset.  


Read books and blogs 

The path to investing in yourself can begin with something as simple as reading inspirational books for entrepreneurs or a business blog.

You could watch a motivational video, or perhaps something on youtube that will teach you a new skill.  Alternatively, it could be something fictional and fun. Whatever you pick, you’re focusing on yourself, and developing your personal capabilities which is so important.  


Become the Boss of your money 

Money can often be an area which influences how we feel about ourselves and for many can become a measure of how successful you are. 

Money isn't everything.  Some of the most financially successful people on the planet are also the loneliest, but as Entrepreneurs, generally we do all appreciate nice things and a good wadd of cash!

When you find yourself getting frustrated about this topic, it can quickly become a distraction, it can dilute your focus and efforts on moving forward towards your goals.  So rather than ignoring this topic, make this year the year you take charge of your financial situation.  Acknowledge that only you can decide what you spend your money on and how quickly it flows through your fingers!  If you don’t need it, don’t pay for it.  


Invest in your future 

There are so many different ways that you can make a profound investment in your future. Whether you are focusing on saving up money for later on down the road or taking a course online to broaden your skillset, you’re making a positive change to your life and aiming for more. That’s incredible!  

Consider the compound effect of small habits and effort, consistently worked upon over time.  Just like a savings account, it can feel difficult at first and like you aren't making any progress but over time, your success habits can add up to dramatically different results.  

I love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear - if you haven't read it yet, it's a must-read!


Never stop learning 

You’ll never reach a point where you’ve learnt all you need. There’s always something new that you can learn and a different skill that you can gain.

Investing in knowledge - personal or professional - will help you to grow as a person. Seek out new opportunities to grow and develop, and you’ll soon see the benefits.  


Give yourself a break…  

When you’re working all the time and investing in your future, you need to stop and give yourself time to relax.  Creating balance is one of the hardest things to achieve as an Entrepreneur but one of the most important. 

Improving is always good, but making precious memories and enjoying life is essential. When in doubt, remember that you have a right to be happy and you should always aim to take an acceptable amount of time away from the office.  


Find a Business Coach 

If you are someone who is trying to make a bold entrepreneurial journey and need some support and accountability along the way, then you might want to find a business coach to help you with achieving your goals.  

A business coach is a trained professional, with deep commercial experience to share -  who can help you to prime your business life to improve as much as you can. 

Coaching only works through if you listen to all of the advice, and actually take action by adjusting your strategies according to their suggestions Remain "coachable" and you will uncover the amazing benefits of having someone hold you to account whilst also being your biggest cheerleader.


Make It Happen In Your Business

Structuring your time and your life so that you create space to invest in yourself, your personal development and your own well being is critical to success as a business leader and Entrepreneur.  

We can only lead our businesses through the greatest possible journeys if we are physically and mentally well and have "backed" ourselves with knowledge and skills needed for the ride.


Next Steps:

  • Set aside some quiet time to reflect on what capabilities and skills you need to be successful in your business.  Do you need help learning how to manage people better, or perhaps you've never quite found the time to learn how to read those pesky financial statements! 
  • Make this year your year to invest in yourself and gather new skills that will make a difference. 
  • Consider hiring a business coach to support you in growing your business.  If you want different results in your business you need to do different things.  If you would like my help as your business coach, schedule a call and let's see if we are a good fit. 
  • Read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear - as we said earlier, if you haven't read it yet, it's a must-read!  Also browse our collection of other inspirational books for Entrepreneurs to discover our favourites. 
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