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4 Reasons Why A Strategy Workshop Will Be Game-Changing For You

strategy workshop
Why do I need a strategy workshop - hampshire business advisor and mentor

A strategy workshop is a powerful way to stay on track and work towards goals.

We’ve covered the basics of a strategy workshop in my previous post, but why do you need one? What are the benefits?

A strategy workshop can be the best way to ensure that your business looks at the big picture, develops plans, and finishes the workshop with a focused gaze towards the future.

Let’s check out why you need to get a strategy workshop arranged today.


1. A Clear Sense of Direction

When you’re trying to run a business every day, and you’ve got deadline after deadline on projects, it’s easy to lose track of your goals.

A strategy workshop helps to realign your vision with the company's forward direction.


2. Supporting Investment and Funding

A successful strategy workshop will help keep you in favour with investors. They have a right to know what their investment funds are being used for. Your investors and funding sources are essential groups to keep on your side!

They’ll want to know from time to time exactly where their money is going and the decisions you are making to drive results - setting out a clear strategic direction is good for investor confidence. 

A strategy workshop means you can show them first-hand the plans you’ve made or give you material to present at the next investor meeting. 



3. Inspiring Your Team

As a business, you need your team to be harmonised. Like a good car engine, each component has to work with the others to achieve perfect performance.

A strategy workshop can help get your team all rowing in the same direction. By making sure that everyone gets a chance to look at the future of the business, everybody gets on the same page.


4. Innovating and Developing New Ideas

Sometimes, you need a fresh injection of ideas to ensure that the business stays relevant, committed to growth and delivers the best results for your customers.

A strategy workshop gives everybody the chance to contribute meaningfully to the company's direction by proposing new ideas, innovative opportunities, and modern solutions.


What Outcomes Can a Strategy Workshop Generate?

There are many beneficial outcomes from a strategy workshop!

Here are just some of the different benefits that I see with the clients I work with:

  • A clear plan to grow is made which motivates and inspires confidence
  • Practical steps to get that growth are defined.
  • Every key player in the business agrees on the direction of the company.
  • Key markets to target are reviewed and marketing spend decisions are made.
  • Plans to divert resources towards these goal are then agreed.
  • The business as a whole re-focuses on the company's main objectives - above and beyond day-to-day operations. 
  • It creates a sense of revival, re-energising everyone for success. 


Make It Happen In Your Business

Taking the time to hold a strategy workshop can have a lot of benefits for you, individually as an entrepreneur and for your overall business growth. As a tool, it is vital to allow everybody to refocus their energies on success and the performance needed to get that growth.

A strategy workshop can be employed at any time, but the best results come from creating a rhythm of regular updates, at least half yearly or if possible quarterly. Not only do you get a chance to guarantee plans are being implemented, but you can track growth.


Next Steps:

  • Consider if your business would benefit from taking some time to review it's strategic direction. 
  • Take stock and ask yourself honestly - do you have a clear 3 year roadmap for your business?  Do you have a growth plan you can share with your team or investors if asked?
  • If you would like my help in creating a growth plan for your business, discover how my virtual Strategy Workshop session could work for you.  If you would like to find out more about this and the difference it could make to your business please schedule a call here. 
  • If you prefer to simply have a go yourself, checkout our best-selling DIY Strategy Workshop Toolkit which includes workshop presentation templates, agenda, facilitation notes and handy worksheets for our 5 strategy workshop exercises. Find out more here:

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