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4 E-Commerce Start Ups That Changed The World Forever

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E commerce coach The E-Commerce Start Ups That Changed The World Forever

E-Commerce. It dominates our world. Whether it is a virtual shop, a growing online business offering their expertise, or a delivery service summoned via an App - the business models of the future are most definitely digital.

The reality is though that many e-commerce startups today will never radically change our lives. However, every now and again, an online business bursts through, transforming and disrupting everything we thought we knew. Let's take a look at the 4 who broke the mould:


One of the most influential, controversial and innovative online startups of recent times, Uber works under a simple premise. You use their app or go the website and request a ride from one place to another.  The closest Uber driver swiftly arrives to pick you up and takes you to your location.

It is straightforward, easy to access and increasingly popular. The Uber online business model relies on what's known as the Network Effect - it's a business that needs to attract 2 sides of an equation to work successfully - both people looking for work who are happy to use their cars as taxis, and willing travelers happy to just get a swift journey from A to B. 

It has changed both the way we travel and work forever. With a growing army of freelancing drivers challenging labour laws and workers rights, plus a shared transport system eliminating the need for more vehicles on the road and reducing carbon emissions - it's a company that's managed to cover and be part of the whole range of current society issues. 

It completely disrupted the "old world" traditional taxi operator businesses too.  Uber created a unique digital business model to serve the modern world. 


Another company shaking up our daily lives in a big way is Deliveroo. Unlike familiar takeaway services, Deliveroo focuses on giving people the chance to get food from their favourite restaurants, delivered to their door! 

All available in one App. Many of our City's are chocked full of Deliveroo carriers waiting patiently at restaurants on our behalf or on their bicycles or scooters, racing to bring your food delivery home.

The implications of an online service like this are massive with future product range extensions, essentially being endless. 

This online business model ticks all the boxes - it is rapidly scaleable, creates value for customers through convenience, solves a pain point (of takeway options being reserved for the unhealthy eats) and like Uber has created its own eco system of freelance workers happy to fetch and carry your dinner.   It's like room service delivered to your home...


Needing no introduction unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years... There are few ecommerce platforms which have had as significant an impact as Amazon.

Amazon today is THE product search engine for the world.  They are also the pioneers on super fast one day (prime) delivery, central fulfillment warehousing for the masses, product bundle offers, plus subscribe and save models to name but a few. 

All online business owners operating in the world of e-commerce surely have to have a healthy amount of respect for Amazon! 

They’re giants in our world, they are the originators of the ecommerce sport - and love them or hate them, they offer so much to the e-commerce industry by leading and showing the way for top conversion tactics and predicting customer needs.

Their colossal worldwide range of products and services changed the way we shop online forever.  Well to be honest, the really did invent online trading in many ways... but remember, we all started somewhere - they too were just a startup once... trying to flog a few books on the internet...

Blue Apron

For this last one, we’re turning our gaze over to America. Blue Apron is a growing online company which offers Customers the chance to cook their favourite meals without having to go shopping for a long list of ingredients or even leave their home.

The system works by giving customers access to thousands of recipes. Once you've selected your favourite meal, the required ingredients needed to recreate the dish at home are instantly compiled into a neat box for you.

Your box is then dispatched via online ordering and delivery. You unpack your box of ingredients and start creating your masterpiece meal at home.  It’s a pretty big game changer for busy people with no time to shop and has already sparked a similar brand in the UK called Hello Fresh.

Make It Happen In Your Business

There are many advantages of e commerce and these are just a few of the best e-commerce business models that are changing the world right now.

It isn’t difficult to see how they do well, they all focus on offering an easy to use system that provides their customers with goods or services that enrich their lives. Does your business do that? Are you easy to do business with?

These are all good examples of how growing online businesses can solve real customer problems, serve with customer excellence at the heart of all they do and make a meaningful impact on their customers world. This is what it takes to innovate and elevate above the competition!

Next Steps:

  • Ask yourself - Does my business solve a real customer problem?
  • Capture your customer pain points and brainstorm what you can do to solve them.
  • Test how easy you are to do business with - mystery shop your own business and see!  You will be surprised what you learn...
  • Continue to look for ways to disrupt the market and innovate in your business. 
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