Choosing Your Market: How To Check If There Is Demand

Before starting an online business, you must confirm that there are actually going to be customers (demand) for your product or service.  It sounds pretty basic stuff but you would be amazed how many start up entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in turning their ideas into reality that they completely forget this! 

It's time to do your market research thoroughly to ensure that you truly understand who you are selling to and more importantly if they want to buy and if they are ready to buy.

So how do you go about doing this?  

Well, a good way of actually finding out if people will buy your product is to ask them!   So here's several things that you can do to validate the market and test if there really is demand for your exciting business idea:

Step 1: Deep Dive Survey

You can create a survey and send it to your target audience.  Just ask them outright what it is they find challenging with your topic or which problems...

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Know Your Niche! Being Specific Gets Powerful Results

Having a niche can make or break your online business.  Yes it really is that important!

Discovering your profitable niche and one that you are genuinely passionate about is the key to success in eCommerce and online businesses. As they say there are riches in niches...

So why is this the case?  Surely if I narrow my offering right down to such a small segment, it means I will loose out on sales?

Not so my friend, not so... in fact quite the opposite.


The secret power of niches

You see having a niche allows you to get specific about what you do as a business, and who your target audience is

It allows you to tailor absolutely everything you say as if you are talking to one very specific person...and that will make them fall in love with you even more! They will be shouting "finally! someone gets me!"...

You can and should analyse profitable niches before you start your business to help you select the best market to play in.  So, if you are...

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