What Start Up Entrepreneur Personality Are You? Let's Find Out!

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You're only 6 questions away from finding out what type of start-up entrepreneur you are.

Answer 6 questions and discover your unique results. You’ll learn more about your strengths and where you may encounter potential trouble spots that are blocking you from building a sensational business plan....


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Our Start Up Entrepreneur Quiz Types

What does it take to start up a business? Lots of work, dedication and yes - passion. But everyone goes about things differently. What makes you unique and gives you the perfect edge to start up your own business?

Maybe you are the persistent Pioneer, the spirited Catalyst or the grounded Architect. Let's find out what makes YOUR personality the perfect Entrepreneur!

Take our Start Up Entrepreneur Quiz to discover your unique personal archetype. Simply click the button above to Take The Quiz, answer the 6 questions, and discover your unique results.

quiz for start up entrepreneurs business planning

The Pioneer

In true Pioneer style, you are spontaneous and overachieving, which matched with your ever over riding optimism and true visionary capabilities, allows you to go the distance, whilst other have already thrown in the towel.

quiz for start up entrepreneurs business planning

The Architect

You are prepared for every eventuality and know the details of your business back to front. None of the other entrepreneurial signs can match you in that. You are a planner, an overthinker, a perfectionist and you love being in control. 

quiz for start up entrepreneurs business planning

The Catalyst

You thrive on the thrill of making the pitch and getting it. Being spontaneous and acting quickly on a new idea is what gets you going. You know how to work a room and your confidence lures people to you, like a moth to a flame.

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