Make This The Year You Sort Your Processes Out!

For many entrepreneurs, when it comes to managing your small business, the focus is often on driving sales to grow the business and not on the super smooth day-to-day running of it.

If you find yourself leaping from one fire-fighting scenario to the next, just pause and lift your chin up for a moment - you might see that the root cause of all your pain is actually the underlying process (or lack of one!).


Why is standardising your business processes important?

You may have started the business as a sole trader and wonder why you need to bother with creating standard processes and writing it all down for what you do.  I get it - even the word process sounds boring, like it belongs in a stuffy corporate manual somewhere and surely not needed for your agile, super savvy online start up? right?


As you grow the business, you take on more staff and more customers - and the amount of work it takes to make sure you do...

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